I spent the majority of my time on January 20 watching the first time America hasn’t had a truly peaceful transfer of power in my lifetime (I hope it is the last time I’ll live through something like this).

I felt a tremendous sense of pride for the hard work…

This past March 23, I attended my first historic marker dedication. Yes, it’s true, even though I’ve been working in history and museums for more than twenty years and have been a history geek as long as I remember, this was the first time I actually attended a marker unveiling.

Six musicians played together for the first time in a house in Jacksonville, Florida’s Riverside District: Duane Allman (guitar), Jaimoe (drums), Berry Oakley (bass), Dickey Betts (guitar), and Gregg Allman (organ and vocals).

Those who know me, know I’m an absolute FREAK about the Allman Brothers Band. Their music captivated…

Bob Beatty

President of The Lyndhurst Group, a history, museum, and nonprofit firm providing community-focused strategies for planning, assessment, and interpretation.

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